Introducing the World of E-Design

In need of design help but not sure that working with an in-person designer is right for you? Thanks to a growing industry within the interior design world, you can receive professional interior design help at the click of a button. Known within the profession as E-Design, it allows homeowners to leverage the help and advice of a designer, without the in-person fees. It's a budget-friendly option that brings a lot of perks to the table and helps homeowners in need of design, transform their space into their dream home.

I might be a little biased to online design- given that it is one of the services that I offer. However, I love that e-design allows me to connect with clients across the U.S. and bring beautiful, functional and great design to their fingertips. Let's take a look into how online design works and see if it's right for you.

Be Up-Front About Your Budget: Just like in traditional design services, your budget, timeline and available resources will dictate how the project is completed. Be honest and realistic about what you want to spend in the space and when you want the project completed. This will help the designer spec products from vendors that are within your means and that are available for delivery in your area.

Be Ready To Do A Little Work: Part of the online process- is that you have to be as invested in accurate measurements as your designer is. In a world where inches matter- you'll want to make sure that you are taking accurate measurements. Don't submit a builders floor plan to an interior designer- as these measurements often change during the building process. Make sure you're ready to measure doorways, hallways, tight corners, ceiling heights, windows and more. If you want to keep specific furniture pieces- make sure you take height, width and depth measurements and send this along with photos and videos of the space. Make sure to point out the quirks about your space, like the location of the cable hookup or electrical outlets.

Communicate Your Style: Designers understand that clients may have a hard time explaining their personal style. Take the time to submit some some inspirational photos, point out exactly what you like about them. Similarly, reference specific colors or styles you like or dislike. The more specific you are about what you like, the better sense the designer will have of your style.

Learn About Their Online Design Approach: Every designer and design firm will handle online design differently. Look for one that makes you feel comfortable with your communication style. For example- is there phone time included in the package? Do you get revisions on the design? How open is the designer when working with clients in accepting feedback? Make sure you pick a designer that meets both your design and communication needs.

Be Ready To Do The Install: During your E-Design process- make sure you are comfortable with all of the suggested changes the designer might make to the space. If you are not comfortable with painting or making construction changes- communicate it with them right away. If you are comfortable- be ready to find contractors or roll up your sleeves to deliver your final design. Typically- step by step instructions are included for the layout of the space with online designs.

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